Mica Laminate Flower Frosty White

Mica Laminate Flower Frosty White


Your space reflects your persona. Its decor mirrors your taste.

These laminates bring sophistication in its purest form, along with transforming your place splendidly, oozing in the feeling of warmth that makes one feel at home.

From our selective range of colors, textures to finish, everything is designed to perfection to suit your discerning taste. The versatility will surely awe you and inspire you to experiment with your decor, that is self-gratifying as well as inviting in its own way.

Experience the luxury that captivates your heart, mind, and soul.


  • Price

    Price above is of a 8ft*4ft sheet.

  • Model Number

    7800 FL

₹1,000.00 Regular Price
₹800.00Sale Price